English For Academic And Professional Communication 2. Listening And Speaking Skills

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
01/02/2023 to 30/06/2023

Course Description

Theoretical sessions: teachers will present the main linguistic contents in English, which will result in a constant exercise of listening comprehension and note taking for the students. Guided practical sessions: besides presenting the basic theoretical features, a varied range of activities will be carried out, both individually and in groups (class workgroups will be set up at the beginning of the semester). Some activities will be focused on listening comprehension exercises and oral tasks based on videos and audios related to oral communicative professional and business events, such as job interviews, oral presentations, discussions, etc.), as well as focused on topics of interest in the field of telecommunication. Additional exercises related to the correct pronunciation of difficult words, sound discrimination, word stress, etc., will also be done along the course with a special focus to avoid typical mistakes made by non-native Spanish speakers of English in oral communication. Practical sessions (both with previous preparation and spontaneous): in-class debates on controversial ethical and professional issues. Note-taking exercises on listening activities and technical lectures in English (both live and recorded), practice of job interviews and oral presentations on topics of the telecommunication field, etc. Attendance and active participation in academic seminars and lectures held at the ETSI de Telecomunicaci?n: students will have to write summaries in English about those events. Individual and group assignments: students will have to hand in different assignments along the semester, such as summaries from conferences, presentations in powerpoint, written/oral dialogues and summaries from interviews or other communicative events. Office hours: they will be organized according to the University regulations in force, and besides that, students will be able to contact their teachers via email. English is welcome as the main language to be used both in emails and during the office hours. Through the listening and viewing comprehension activities of specialized topics in the field of telecommunication, students will get familiarized with content and terminology of the field.

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