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01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022


Bridges that unite. Connections between civil engineering students and society, learning and service links.

It is proposed that students of  Civil Engineering of UPM become guides of the bridges of Madrid. Bridges exemplify the social and symbolic values of public works and unite technological and cultural aspects. They are protagonists in films, novels, songs, narratives and urban events. They are places of connection, relationships and civic life.

The proposal proposes a two-way link:

On the one hand, students engage society in the importance of civil engineering in civic life and sustainability goals. They value the built and cultural heritage of the city and create citizen and social bonds.
On the other hand, students learn through experience the historical, technological and cultural aspects of bridges, how they work and how they were built, what they are used for and what they mean. But they also learn to communicate the profession, to connect the engineering activity with society, to tell and value the construction of public works as infrastructures for everyone, useful and sustainable.

The bridges of Madrid are a little known technological and cultural heritage. They are unique in their character and technological interest, and allow us to narrate the evolution of bridge engineering over the last centuries. They have a great variety of shapes and types, and different materials and resistant mechanisms were used. This, together with their authenticity and their typological and technological purity, representative of a way of building bridges at the time, make them a rich heritage for civil engineering.

But bridges are much more than structures that overcome an obstacle. Bridges build a city, so that to their technological, historical, resistant and constructive values must be added symbolic, representative, affective, cultural and identitary meanings.

And, precisely for this reason, this project considers that the true value of the works lies in their dual reality: technology and society, engineering and culture. They are ideal elements to place narratives, myths, films, books, symbols and events. They are structures of life that build a city.

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SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG4 - Quality Education
SDG9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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