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01/10/2021 to 31/10/2021


This Hackathon consists of a competition during which students, working in groups, will have to solve a technological challenge with social impact.During the challenge development, each team has a mentor from the collaborating companies. The hackathon takes place during a day, following 4 phases:

Research: The day of the Challenge, students will receive specific information about the challenge they have to solve. In this phase, they will have to research and look for information about the challenge. For that purpose, they will receive a questionnaire on the minimum information required to continue the Challenge.

Ideation: Once the previous phase is finished, participants will be provided with the answers, as well as some additional information to continue the Challenge. Next, students should find a possible solution to the issue raised and they will present it to all groups and mentors in 1-2 minutes as a “speech”. This phase will be assessed by members of the companies acting as mentors for the teams.

Evolution: The selected finalist teams will have time to evolve their idea and prepare a 4-5 minutes presentation. A jury will evaluate the solutions, which will be presented to all groups. Meanwhile, the teams that have not reached the final will receive feedback from the mentors, and later on, they should attend their colleagues’ presentations.

Decision: The jury of experts and professionals will have time to deliberate and choose the winning teams for the different categories. There will also be a popular prize awarded by all the participants.After the award ceremony where different companies offered their prizes, the day will end with a time/space for networking with the companies’ professionals and HR personnel who have been attending the competition.It should be noted that, prior to the hackathon, training activities are organized by companies aimed at preparing the teams.

After the excellent response by both students and companies, there will be a further edition next year. On this occasion, teams from different UPM schools and other universities from the EELISA Alliance will be included.

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SDG17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal
SDG4 - Quality Education
SDG9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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