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01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021


San Cristóbal de los Ángeles, in Villaverde district, is probably the most depressed neighbourhood in Madrid, which has the lowest families’ income and the highest absolute unemployment rate within the city. In addition, there is a high rate of early school leaving among its young people.Casa San Cristóbal, belonging to the Montemadrid Foundation, is the leading social and cultural centre in the neighbourhood. Its different activities, events, courses and supporting programmes aimed at people in the neighbourhood of any social status and age group.

One of the most significant programmes of Casa San Cristóbal is the school-based support programme, focused on boys and girls who are currently in Primary Education or the first cycle of Secondary Education who, for different reasons, find it difficult to follow their academic year with optimal performance.The mission of this Service-Learning activity is to provide them with direct online school support to ensure they can successfully complete the year as smoothly as possible. The subjects in which they need support are: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Spanish Language.In order to offer personalised attention, the format of the support classes will be one-to-one tuition. Participants, both tutors and children will be aligned according to their respective profiles.

Each tutor will help their pupil with their homework provided by the educational centre. When the tutor deems it necessary, the tutor may carry out support and remedial exercises, which will be available for the tutor on the learning platform.

To ease the pupils’ task and to understand their background, tutors will be provided with basic training taking about 3 hours Besides, tutors will have the support of the centre volunteering coordinator and teachers involved in the project.At all times, UPM students will be actively involved in the project development, since they are the direct mentors and instructors of children and teenagers participating in the programme. Therefore, the students’ activities are the following:

Participating in previous training workshops in relation to the context in which the activity will take place.Acting as instructors and mentors of the children and teenagers who will take part in the programme. Teaching online classes for school-based support.Attending and participating in both individual and group follow-up sessions regarding the course development.Cooperating in the collection of required information for the programme follow-up and assessment.Supporting dissemination activities. Being involved in events in order to share your experiences and the results.


Taking part in the different activitiesQuestionnaire/report for monitoring and assessing the project

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SDG10 - Reduced Inequality
SDG17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal
SDG4 - Quality Education

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Egalitarian Societies: Opportunities for Everyone (ES: O4E)




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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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