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01/12/2023 to 01/12/2043


The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is envisioning the possible opening of one position of Assistant professor with tenure track, Recognized Researcher at the Biorobotics Institute in one or more of the following research areas:

Neural Engineering

Rehabilitation Engineering


Translational Bioengineering

Imaging and modelling of neurophysiopathology

or in the area at the intersection of the previous ones.

SSSA invites interested scientists with a research background in one or more of the previously indicated research domains and who are expected to increase our translational activities linking pre-clinical and clinical experiments enlarging also the network of existing collaborations, to  send their expressions of interest to within February, 28 2023. Please insert in the subject line the code: RR – BIOROBOTICS.

Applicants have to fill in and send the Appendix

All correspondence and expressions of interest will be kept strictly confidential. Knowledge of the Italian language is not required, but the ability to teach in English is mandatory. The Scuola guarantees equal gender opportunities in recruitment and career.

In an attempt to strengthen its international position, to enhance the areas of expertise already developed in the faculty, or to open new research avenues, the Biorobotics Institute is opening a new position of Assistant Professor with tenure track, Recognized researcher (R2) in the area at the interface between neural engineering, translational bioengineering, and rehabilitation engineering.The expertise of the current academic staff of the Scuola in this area is mainly focused on the development of wearable and implantable devices to restore sensory-motor functions in people with disabilities. The new Faculty is going to strengthen the activities in this area also in collaboration with the University of Parma with the new joint facility on Translational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering.The position will be covered either by:

a direct appointment (i.e. chiamata diretta) according to the Italian law (Law 230/2005 art. 1 par. 9)

an open competitive evaluation procedure (i.e. concorso) according to Italian law (Law 240/2010 art. 24)

Before the formal opening of the position, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna is launching a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) from potential candidates.Profile. We are looking for scientists with a research background in one or more of the previously indicated research domains and who are expected to increase our translational activities linking pre-clinical and clinical experiment enlarging also the network of existing collaborations. The Candidate is expected to have previous experiences related to the test of wearable and implantable systems with patients and during pre-clinical experiments. The Candidate will also help strengthening the teaching activities of the BioRobotics Doctoral School and of the Master of Science in Bionics Engineering.The adequacy of the candidates will be assessed by the School leadership and by the relevant recruiting structure mainly on the basis of the self-assessment form reported in the Appendix.Terms and Conditions. The starting yearly gross salary for Recognized Researcher is € 44.207, and can be increased based on seniority and qualified research results. The severance pay is equal to one monthly gross salary for each year of employment. The employer pays social security charges.

In case of inquiries, please contact: Prof. Silvestro Micera, responsible for the Bioelectronics Area of the BioRobotics Institute.The candidate will be notified about the results of the CEI within one month from the deadline. The candidates could be invited for an interview at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.Time frame. The position is expected to be filled by the end of 2023.

Disclaimer: this is not yet a job vacancy advertisement. Based on the expressions of interest for this  position, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna  will decide whether or not to open public competition  by the end of 2023.

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