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12/06/2023 to 16/06/2023


Intensive program, that offers an introduction to economic, social, political and legal aspects of modern China through the lens of leading research activities promoted by Sant’Anna Institutes. Participants will have the opportunity to develop the necessary background to comprehend some of the major China’s issues, while emphasizing the traditional and modern roots of contemporary China. The Seasonal School aims at promoting the knowledge of the role of People’s Republic of China, within the new global order and its role in the reconfiguration of international relations from different perspectives. More specifically, the 40 hours-long school will be characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach and will be focused on the encounter with people, countries, way of thinking and systems connected with China. In other words, in order to guarantee the pluralism of disciplinary and intellectual perspectives, the Seasonal School will explore aspects related to the phenomenon of Chinese innovation, geopolitical and international relation issues and legal systems. Since China has become a more assertive actor within the international order, shaping its own system of alliances and building new regional and commercial architecture, the Seasonal School will be an occasion to analyse in deep the evolution, the prospects, and the challenges of this change, with the eyes of European and Italian scholars that find themselves “outside China”.

Coordinator and Key Teaching Staff

Alberto Di Minin – Nicola Bellini – Giuseppe Martinico – Pisa Confucius Institute Teachers – in collaboration with Galileo Galilei Italian Institute, Chongqing

Support options for travel and accomodation

There are 8 spots for applicants from EELISA partner universities, for which enrollment fees are waived. Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna decides on the final assignment of these spots. Enrollment fees cannot be waived twice to the same EELISA applicant. Travel and accommodation might be supported by your institution, please contact your local EELISA project coordinator.

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SDG16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
SDG17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal

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Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

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