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30/03/2023 to 31/03/2023


The SS4E is a 2 day hybrid hands-on course/workshop that will assist students and researchers at various levels to equip themselves with indispensable tools for developing, designing and implementing effective engineering projects with social impact.

“An engineer and a social scientist walk into a bar and start talking about their research over a beer. And…”

This is a two day long workshop for students and researchers from engineering backgrounds that seeks to unearth and address challenges and conundrums faced by engineering students and researchers in their projects that have direct and/or indirect social impact. The workshop will equip participants with necessary conceptual and theoretical tools in the social sciences to help improve participants’ skills in thinking holistically and critically about developing engineering projects contributing to SDGs. It will provide a platform to share their experience and critically reflect upon their projects and converse with their colleagues about how to improve their projects more effectively through including social aspects in their works/projects, with special attention to the SDGs.

“Social Science Emergency Workshop for Engineers” lasts two days with a total of 6 hours devoted to lectures/teaching and 6 hours to participatory activity. The teaching section will focus on elaborating and discussing with participants social science concepts and perspectives that are indispensable for sensitizing engineering students and researchers the stakes of developing projects with social impact. During the remaining 6 hours of participatory activity, workshop participants (grouped into their level of competency as students, researchers, professors) will communicate their research projects and discuss their shortcomings when viewed from a sociological perspective and how these shortcomings could be improved to enhance their social impact.

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Travel and accommodation might be covered or supported by your institution, please contact your local EELISA project coordinator.

InstitutionContact person(s) and positionEmail addressBME Sára Tóvölgyi /  Kata Kapusy / Sándor Kiss ENPC Marie Christine Bert FAU Eike Trost  ITÜ Emrah Acar  PSL Camille Roger  PSL-Chimie Antoine Mercier  PSL-Mines Alma Catala Luna  SNS Nicola Tasinato  SSSA Claudia Ambrogi  UPB Mariana Munteanu  UPM María Luisa Martínez Muneta  

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Relevant SDGs

SDG1 - No Poverty
SDG10 - Reduced Inequality
SDG5 - Gender Equality
SDG9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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Depending on the level of involvement, participants will receive different EELISA badges: i) Those who participate in the sessions without doing presentations will obtain level 2 badges (knowledge). ii) Those who present their works will receive level 3 badges (commitment). iii) Online attendances will receive level 2 badges.


Egalitarian Societies: Opportunities for Everyone (ES: O4E)|Ethics, Social Commitment & Entrepreneurship




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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi | Universitatea Politehnica din Bucureşti

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