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12/06/2023 to 14/06/2023



This year, the third LDAC Summer School dedicated to the application of semantic web, linked data and web of data technologies in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) is hosted in Matera, Italy. Considering the growing interest in these technologies from the AEC industry, this Summer School will provide a starting point for participants that are new to the topic entirely and the opportunity to enhance the understanding and overview of implementations and approaches in the built environment for participants that wish to deepen their knowledge in this field.
The Summer School brings together experts and researchers on this topic and welcomes a broad domain of participants from diverse backgrounds such as computer science, architecture, and engineering. With a mixture of lectures, personal interactions with experts in the field, hands-on exercises and coding challenges, it gives participants the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the semantic web, linked data and web of data technologies for their own research and practice needs in their individual pace and depth.


The aim of the LDAC Summer School is to introduce participants to the principles of the Semantic Web and potential as well as implemented applications of it in the architecture, engineering and construction domain. It provides an overview of the technology behind it and current trends in ongoing research in this area, focusing on:

Learning about the technology, its benefits over other web technologies, and its development workflows in high quality lectures from experts in the field;
Gaining experience in designing and querying ontologies and applying them in a practical context in the Summer School’s hands-on coding challenge;
Exploring the already existing approaches to describe Linked Building Data and come up with new ideas on how LBD can support your use cases, and innovative solutions to deal with the complexity of the built environment.

Participation requirements
You should attend this Summer School, if you are interested in:

New approaches to link building data of different stakeholders and domains via Semantic Web technologies;
Generating new information from building, product or infrastructure data;
Designing domain-specific ontologies;
Aligning domain-specific and generic ontologies;
Describing building, product or infrastructure data on the Web;
Converting building, product or infrastructure information to linked data;
Handling Linked Building Data.

The LDAC Summer School is tailored for:

Participants that want to deepen their knowledge about the Semantic Web and its applications in the architecture, engineering and construction domain;
Researchers or entrepreneurs that are new to the field (M.Sc. students, PhD students, post-Docs) from various domains, namely:

Computer Science

Industry professionals from the AEC industry looking for innovative solutions to deal with the complexity of the built environment.

Although there are no strict requirements for attendance, it is good to know that we expect the following from participants.

Since the Summer School will include a hands-on coding challenge, coding experience is highly recommended;
Participants should bring their own laptops with the required software already installed, as communicated after registration;
It is recommended to have language skills in English, as the Summer School will be held in it;
Plenty of motivation and spirit of innovation!

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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche | Ghent University | Eindhoven University of Technology | RWTH Aachen

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