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06/03/2023 to 10/03/2023


Air pollution is recognized as the first environmental health hazard. Most of its health impacts arerelated to exposure in large cities due to population density and higher pollutant concentrations.This five-day seminar, planned in Paris, will aim to provide an overview of urban air quality issuesand current modelling tools developed to manage them. As these tools contribute to thedefinition of policies and actions aiming to protect human health and the environment, it isnecessary to understand their capabilities and limitations.

The first day will be devoted to lectures presenting the sources of air pollutants and air qualitytrends in the European urban environment, the general physics and chemistry of air pollution, theconcept of exposure and the main identified health impacts. The aim is to provide, or review, thebasic scientific knowledge necessary for a global understanding of the issues addressed.

The other four days will be divided between a symposium and a training workshop aimed atadvancing scientific understanding of atmospheric phenomena at the local scale and reviewingrecent advances in modelling. They will promote state-of-the-art modelling tools capable ofrepresenting the complex interactions between urban and regional air pollution. The modeltraining workshop will also provide hands-on training on a state-of-the-art “Street in Grid”modelling system.

The workshop will take place on the site of the ENPC, near Paris. The campus map may be helpful (

The first three days of the workshop will take place in a room where individual desktops are ready to use.Room V313 is located in the left wing of the ENPC building. Please take the lift at Vicat wing to 3rd floor.

The sessions on Thursday will be held in Room P315. It is located in the ENPC building on the map (left wing of the building). Please take the lift at Prony wing to the 3rd floor.The sessions on Friday are held in room P202 on the 2nd floor at the same Prony wing.

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École des Ponts ParisTech | Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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